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Own land homes

Own land homes like park homes, lodges or caravans can be an ideal solution for extending the living space of your home. You’re often able to avoid needing planning permission with these types of structures and can substantially increase the value of your property.

Here’s a quick guide to what you can reasonably expect to accomplish with your own land homes, and some useful parts of the law you should be aware of:


Your building needs to be used by you, a family member or a guest. You cannot rent it out as a private residence or use it as a business space without getting the appropriate legal permissions.


The structure needs to be located within the ‘curtilage’ of your house. This is the land that immediately surrounds your home, like your garden and driveway.

The structure

For own land homes, your structure must meet with all the legal expectations of a caravan. The Caravan Sites Act 1968 defines a caravan as a structure that has been: ‘designed or adapted for human habitation which is capable of being moved from one place to another (whether being towed, or by being transported on a motor vehicle or trailer) and any motor vehicle so designed or adapted.’

How Liberty Leisure Group can help

Liberty Leisure Group has a great understanding of the law surrounding own land homes. With us, you’ll be able to design your own unique park home or lodge that can be used for residential purposes on your land.

We have a wide range of different home designs for you to choose from, and all elements of your design are under your control with us. Our expert teams can offer advice and support to ensure you get the perfect structure for your space.

As well as creating your perfect lodge or park home, Liberty Leisure Group can also transport and professionally site your structure in your space.

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A brief overview of the law

You don’t want to accidentally find yourself on the wrong side of the law with your own land home. Here are the key points you need to know to make sure you’re legally able to site your new home on your land.

Caravans in gardens

There are laws that regulate the use of land in your house that you need to be aware of. While you can often site a park house or lodge in your garden without legal permission, you need to make sure the residents are always connected to the main house. Continuing to use the house’s facilities, for example, would keep you in the clear.

Retaining a connection to the main house means that there has been no change of use to the land. However, using the space as an independent home or as a business premises would and you must seek planning permission.

Park home and lodge planning

While you might not need to get official planning permission, it’s advisable to get a lawful development certificate. That way, you’ve got a little security, but don’t have to go through the full planning permission process.

The primary use of the house is unaffected by siting a park home or lodge in the garden. Family members or guests can use the space to sleep in, but will still come into the main home for showers, meals and to use the facilities. You need to make sure the structure can always be moved if necessary. It should not exceed 6.8m x 20m and stand less than 2.5m tall.

There are some limiting conditions written into legal restrictions, particularly on more modern housing estates. You should be able to find these conditions in your property deeds if they apply to you.

Contact your local council

To get complete peace of mind for your structure, contact your local council for advice. In your message, state the full property address, that your proposed structure won’t be fixed and that it will sit within the curtilage of your house.

Let them know what you plan on using it for, who will be using it, and state that it does not constitute a change of use for the property.  Finish off with a polite request for confirmation that you will not need planning permission for this structure.

When they reply with their confirmation, you can then use this to secure your lawful development certificate and begin the work.

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